Twin Lakes Dams

Motorcycle Day Trip

The Twin Lakes dams Arkansas motorcycle day trip takes us to Bull Shoals Dam and Norfork Dam and features one of the great motorcycle roads in the country, Push Mountain Road, also referred to by locals as “the Snake.” We start this trip from the Days Inn in Mountain Home and head west on US 62 E for 2 miles and turn right at the light at AR-201/AR-5 N. Follow AR-5 N for 6.2 miles to the intersection of AR-178 and turn left. There is a Dollar General across from the intersection.  You will pass through the town of Lakeview and over the Bull Shoals Dam which is the bigger of the Twin Lakes dams. Just past the dam on the left is the James A. Gaston Visitor Center where you can learn more about the dam and the area as well as get a great view of the Lake and the White River, souvenirs and food if you feel like stopping.

Continue on AR-178 for about 4 blocks north to River Cliff Drive and take a left. Follow this for 2.1 miles where it ends at Tower Road. Take a right and a quick left onto AR-178 W/Central Blvd. Follow 178 for 8 miles and turn right on US-62/412 W. Continue on 412 for 15.5 miles and turn left (south) on AR-14 just past the Sonic’s. This portion of the ride south of Yellville is a real joy. The curves are tight enough to be enjoyable but not overwhelming. The scenery is remarkably lush, and the highway’s intersection with the Buffalo National River adds to its appeal. Follow AR 14 for  14 miles to AR 268 and turn left (east) for a short detour with a great view. Follow AR 268 for 2.8 miles will you will spot a restaurant on the right (looks like a big log cabin). Take a short walk behind the restaurant to a tall bluff overlooking the river. Just a beautiful sight.

Now head back to AR-14 and turn left or south and follow this for 8 miles to AR-263 S. Turn right on 263 S and continue for 11.8 miles to the crossroad of AR-66. Turn left on AR-66 (Main Street) and follow this for 12.9 miles into the town of Mountain View (home of the Mountains, Music & Motorcycles Rally) and stop to enjoy a good breakfast or lunch at PJ’s Rainbow Cafe which will be on the south side of the street. Both AR 66 and AR 263 offer mile curves and elevation changes that wind through farms and forests.  

Now that the bellies are full it’s time to find your way to Push Mountain Road. From the restaurant head east on Main Street for 7  blocks and turn left at the crossroad AR-14 W/AR-5 N/AR-9 (Sylamore Ave). Continue 5.4 miles to AR-14 W and turn left. Continue for 16.6 miles and turn right onto AR-341 which is Push Mountain Road. The next 25.2 miles will be some of the most fun you have ever had on a motorcycle. With over 100+ curves, switchbacks, elevation change, and hairpin turns this road is not for the novice rider. Push Mountain Road ends at AR-201 where you will turn right and head east for .8 miles to AR-5N and turn left. After the intensity of Push Mountain Road, we head to one of our favorites rest stops to chill out before heading back to Mountain Home. 

Now it’s time to get to the second of the Twin Lakes dams. Continue on AR-5 for around 5 minutes where you will come to a split in the road (you will see a small grocery store on the triangle). Veer right onto AR-177 and continue for 1. miles to the Norfork National Fish Hatchery which is just below Norfork Dam. The Norfork National Fish Hatchery is a cold water hatchery primarily for the production of trout to restock the tailwaters below Norfork, Bull Shoals, and other dams. The hatchery raises rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout and you can see all the different phases of development in the holding tanks. They have picnic areas as well as attractive walkways along Dry Creek and it’s just a few minutes ride up to the top of Norfork Dam ( the smaller of the Twin lakes dams).


If you want to take in some great scenery. It’s a great place to relax after the Push Mountain Road run. To head back to Mountain Home just head back on 177 to continue for 1.3 miles and take a sharp right onto AR-5N. Continue on AR-5 N for 8.6 miles to the Sheid Hopper Bypass and take the US-62E ramp on the right. In 4 minutes go left at the intersection of US 62 business and then it’s just a few minutes ride back to the hotel making your trip about 4-5 hours on the road not accounting for stops along the way.

The Twin Lakes dams have created a rich opportunity for everyone who enjoys watersports, camping, photography, and other outdoor activities. If you are looking to vacation in the Twin Lakes area there are many resorts surrounding the lakes that offer many amenities.

Eureka Springs Arkansas

A Unique Motorcycle Day Trip

Eureka Springs is one of the top vacation destinations in the state of Arkansas. Blessed with a location in the Ozark Mountains and close proximity to Beaver Lake that provides every type of water sport along with world-class fishing, the Eureka Springs area offers motorcycle enthusiasts rides they will never forget. We start the Eureka Springs Arkansas Motorcycle Day Trip from the Days Inn hotel (covered parking for motorcycles) in Eureka Springs. We come in the day before because this day trip will take 5-6 hours on the road and we want to be fresh in the morning.

In 20.5 miles you will make a left (east) turn on Main Street in the City of Clarksville. Continue for 0.4 miles and turn right on S. Rogers Street for 1.4 miles where you will turn left on the entrance ramp to I-40 E. Continue on I-40 E for 23 miles to the AR-27 S/AR-7 S/N Arkansas Ave. exit on the right in the city of Dardanelle. Head south for 6.4 miles then turn left on Front Street. In 0.3 miles you will see the Front Street Grill on the left which is an excellent lunch stop for some good eats and cold beer and has a view of the River Front Park and Arkansas River from their outside deck. If you really need to stretch a bit they have a sand volley court as well. We head out of Eureka Springs around 9:00 am as we turn left on W. Van Buren Street from the hotel and continue for 8 blocks then take a slight right on Huntsville Rd. which is AR-23 S (Pig trail Scenic Byway) which will take through the Ozark National Forest. Continue on AR-23 S for 61.4 miles and turn left on Cass Oak Road (AR-215 E). This is not a well-known road but it is a beautiful ride with many switchbacks and elevation changes. In 15 miles take a sharp right on AR-103 S. I highly suggest that on this portion of the trip to use caution because of the many switchbacks and elevation changes that come at you continuously.

Now it’s time to head out to one of the most amazing scenic byways in the country. From the restaurant take a left (southeast) and continue a block and take a right on Market Street. In one block turn right onto S 2nd Street. In 2 blocks turn left onto Quay Street {(AR-27 S). Continue on 9.8 miles and turn right on AR-307 W. Continue for 7.1 miles and turn right on County Rd 39. In 1.1 miles take a slight left on County Road 35/AR-307 S. Continue for 6 miles and turn right on AR-10 and continue for 4.7 miles and take a right on Main Street/AR-309 (Mt. Magazine Scenic Byway).

For the next 26.3 miles, you are in for a real treat. Do yourself a favor and take your time as the scenery is spectacular and the road is a real challenge in places. At the crossroad of Elm Street turn right and continue to Walnut Street (AR-22). Turn left and continue for 7.7 miles to AR-23. Turn right (north) and take it all the way back to Eureka Springs.

Eden Falls

Motorcycle Day Trip

The Lost Valley Eden Falls trip ranks near the top of our favorite Arkansas motorcycle day trips. Make sure you bring a camera and shoes adequate for hiking. We meet up around8:00 am at the Days Inn hotel in Mountain Home, AR. This hotel is no better or worse than the rest in town, is more budget-friendly, and is convenient for out-of-state bikers coming into town for the great Arkansas motorcycle roads.  From here head out on US Hwy.62 Bus.W to US Hwy. 412W/US 62W. Take 412 until it dead ends 41 miles later. Turn right to continue on 412 for 3.5 miles where you will take a slight left on S. Main Street Drive. 

In 1.5 miles turn left on Lakeshore Dr. in 3 blocks and then left again 5 blocks later on Pine Street which will curve right onto Wilson Ave. Take a fairly quick slight left onto AR-7S. Around 27 minutes later you will hit the small town of Jasper, AR. It is a must-stop to head to the Ozark Cafe for breakfast (their lunches are even better). This is a 100-year-old building on the National Register of Historic Places. It has been chosen by New York Magazine’s Grub Street blog as Arkansas’s entry into its top 50 foodie destinations.

Now it’s time to work off that breakfast and head over to Eden Falls. Pick up AR-74 about 3 blocks north of the restaurant on AR-7. Turn left and follow AR-74 for 14 miles then continue straight onto AR-43 for about a mile to Lost Valley Road on your right. You will see a parking lot where they also have bathrooms available. The trail to the Eden Falls is about 2 miles in but is absolutely worth the hike. It is open year-round and kept in great shape.

The first mile is very easy and the rest is still not difficult. I suggest you make this trip mid-week as it gets pretty busy on the weekends. Spring and Fall are the best times as the falls are more active. In addition, this is a cave fall so there are caves to explore as well. If you have a headlamp you will get to see more than most explorers. The hike itself offers beautiful scenery. Use the bathroom before leaving because the next phase of this trip has been known to scare the crap out of some riders.

Leaving the falls head south on AR-43. In 3.3 miles the road merges into AR-21 S. Continue south for 11.6 miles to AR-16 E where you will turn left. In 13 miles this will intersect with AR-7 S. Take a sharp right and continue 10.5 miles to AR-123 (the Arkansas Dragon) and take a sharp turn left. Now the fun begins. For the next 32 miles, you will be traveling on one of the elite motorcycle roads in the country. Now I must point out that this road is not for the inexperienced rider. AR-123 dead-ends at US 65 where you will turn north (left) and continue to US 412 E in about 8 miles. From there we meander back to Mountain Home which will take about an hour give or take.

This Arkansas motorcycle day trip to Eden Falls will keep you on the road for approximately 4.5-5 hours. This does not include the time you spend at the Eden Falls and Ozark Cafe. I guarantee you this will be one of the best days of your life.